Who is Bostan Khan?


Bostan Khan was my great-grandfather. My name is Abbas Khan.

I was born and have lived all my life on the island of Singapore. I like to travel, and I like writing about my travels. I love watching travel documentaries and hope someday I can do something similar. My dream job is to be a travel writer.

I am an avid (though frustrated) supporter of Newcastle United Football Club and occasionally watch WWE.

Presently, I am doing my Masters at the National University of Singapore. My thesis is based on something I am very passionate about –  individuals of Pakistani descent in Singapore. I will be looking at the history of the community, issues of identity, belonging-ness and assimilation into the larger Muslim society in Singapore.

Before embarking on my Masters, I was a secondary school teacher of English Language and Literature. I enjoy reading good fiction as much as I do on history and religion. Sometimes I try my hand at writing, and hope to publish my works someday. I am married and a father to two wonderful boys.

What started as a research into my family history has since evolved to be a something more. I named this site after my great-grandfather, Bostan Khan, who migrated from Kabul (in Afghanistan) to Campbellpur (in Pakistan) and then finally settling in Singapore.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me at abbaskhan[at]u.nus.edu (Replace the [at] with @)

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